There is a move underway by the Spirit of the Lord within the Body of Christ which will bring forth a unity which has not yet been seen. This unity will usher in the "greater works" of signs, wonders and miracles promised by Jesus. They saw a fraction of what is to come in Acts. (Acts 4) The power of unity being of one heart and mind brought dunamus power upon the apostles and great grace upon them all. The ground quaked beneath their feet and Kingdom prosperity came forth. We are in the sixth day and the portion allotted is double. Just as the manna given to the children in the wilderness. On the sixth day a double portion was collected so they could rest on the seventh.


Our natural minds must be put aside as what will be happening has never been seen before. There will be no doubt of the source of the Power. The power will come directly from the throne of God by the hand of Father himself. And will increase in intensity as our unity comes to fullness. It is a part of the preparation of the Bride for marriage. Bringing forth holiness with the most pure form of worship. Strongholds will immediately be broken in the presence of this anointing. The Glory and Fire that comes will allow no darkness to remain hid. Even the priests will be unable to stand in the Power of His presence. No person will be able to take credit for this move of the Father. It will not be quenched nor stopped. All hearts will be made manifest in HIS presence, as this is NOW the FATHERS time. He will prepare the Bride in holiness for His SON.


This is only a small part of what Father called "the dowry." As in the Word, the disciples were told by Jesus [Luke 24:49] And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be ENDUED with POWER from on high. The Spirit highlighted a word here. It is ENDUED. In the Webster's 1828 it is defined as: (ENDU'E, v.t.  [L. induo.]  To indue, which see) :INDUE, v.t. indu'. [L. induo.  This word coincides nearly in signification with endow, that is, to put on, to furnish. Dueo is evidently a contracted word.]

1.  To put on something; to invest; to clothe; as, to indue matter with forms, or man with intelligence.

2.  To furnish; to supply with; to endow.


INDU'ED, pp.  Clothed; invested.


What the Spirit said was this endowment is similar to a dowry prepared by the father of the bride for marriage. The simplest definition of a dower is a gift. This gift will not only be the anointing promised from Father but it is also the gifts which are being prepared for the Son. The main portion of the gift for Jesus will be the purity and sanctification of His bride. The anointing which comes will completely consume our sacrifice. We have a unique advantage here since the Father of the bride and groom are the same. We will be receiving a spiritual blessing of untold magnitude. Some of which will be enjoyed before the wedding! Another part of the endowment will be in the form of increased wisdom of the Spirit. Only the Father knows the depth and width this manifestation. We are to seek His face more diligently than ever before to receive this manna.


The Father also stressed the importance of obedience. We cannot lie to the Holy Ghost. Our hearts must be pure to operate in such an anointing, as all hearts will be revealed by His presence. We must remember what happened to Ananias and Sapphira when they hid their motives. These were believers who witnessed and partook of the outpouring in that day. We must acknowledge the same rules apply today. That act of God was not old testament. It occurred AFTER the death and resurrection of Jesus. (Acts 5) We must listen to the Spirit of the Lord as He warns of the Power coming. It will be an anointing that will carry with it the power of life AND death.


The enemy knows as the Bride becomes unified in heart, mind, and spirit he will loose many. That is why there has been such a frontal assault upon marriages, churches, and families. His main attack has been through offense, unforgiveness and division. But we are not ignorant to his devices, it is time for us to search our hearts. Forgiving all whom we hold in unforgiveness. There is no excuse for any form of unforgiveness and offense. Time is so short ......we must obey EVERY word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.


Teresa Daly-Crews

31 January 2000  


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