Crucifying the flesh can be a very difficult process for us to endure, the key is to rest in the promise of Gods completion. He gives us all the tools to endure through trials and tribulations. One of the keys that I have found is through following His commandment to worship Him above all things. Praise Him even when it appears that I am being overtaken by my enemies.
 It is an essential lesson that was forgotten by even the Israelites after they had seen the miracles, signs, and wonders that God had manifested in Egypt. He had done unmistakable things to prove He was in control of their lives. The Lord had commanded them to be freed to worship Him in the wilderness. As long as things appeared in the natural to go well they could praise and worship Him for all His goodness. But when the going got rough they began to murmur and complain. They had forgotten the precious promises that He had given to them through Moses.  After they left Egypt they came to a difficult situation. Before them stood the Red Sea, behind them the Egyptians were quickly approaching. It appeared to them that God had forsaken them. He had commanded them to praise and worship Him, but because of the circumstances they saw they chose to doubt. I know if they would have handled themselves differently they would not have had to go into the wilderness for so long. It would have only taken three days. God could have destroyed their enemies right there in front of them. But they lacked the faith. This brought upon them hardened hearts, so they could not even hear the direction of the Lord. It began with a choice. We are no different today. We praise Him when things are going great. We find no reason to even call out to Him until things get difficult then we want to blame Him for not being there for us. We want Him to fix it all and make it go away. His word is very specific that we must reap what we’ve sown. That can be very painful in the flesh. At times almost unbearable. We want to have freedom without surrender. Surrender is a choice.  To become free we must choose to live our lives in complete submission to His will. The Lord knows our tomorrow’s. He even commands us not to take thought for them.   Weather it is difficult or easy He is in control and we can trust Him with our lives. We are to learn to live our lives not taking one step without consulting our Father to give us direction. Singing forth His praises even when times are tough. We will grow stronger in Him each time that He ordains a test that we must endure.  No longer murmuring and complaining, because to do so will extend the test even longer. Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations. Our faith and confidence must be in Him and His promises.


He has given us a wonderful training manual to accomplish the tasks set before us. The requirement is to fellowship with Him daily. By doing this our mind is renewed by the washing with the water of the word. He can transform our mind into purity if we will embrace Him in all we do. We will begin to look at life with spiritual eyes and find peace in the midst of the storm.


God is looking for selflessness. Putting our needs into His hand, and allowing Him to use us to help His hurt and dying sheep. There are a lot of them hurt and dying. So many starving and wounded Christians. Many of them have been driven to addictions, mental illness and prison. I was one of the throw-a-ways. So often they have been abused and mortally wounded by people that profess themselves to be Christians. A true Christian is known by their fruit, not by the profession of their mouth.


It is so important that we do not murmur and complain. Read about how the Israelites faced situations. Learn from all their failures. That is why God allowed their lives to work as it did. As an example to us how to (and how not to)  handle life. See where they disobeyed and what consequences they had to endure. Read how even when the children were given the opportunity to cross over into the promise land they fell into many of the same sins that their parents did. So often we do the same today.


God had promised them they could posses the land if they made no compromises or allegiances with the inhabitants of the land. He commanded them to kill every man, women and child in the land of inheritance. This was so they would not become polluted by their heathen practices. It was required so that they could live in the land with Gods blessing and protection. We are under the same orders. We cannot keep anything from who we were. To walk in victory we must allow God to change us into His perfect will. 


So many who are bound by religion are fulfilling the word of God. The prophesy states, they have eyes but do not see and ears but do not hear. Some choose to worship the things of this world (the creation) more than the Creator. Many worship Him with their mouths and not with their hearts. He tells us when peace and safety is spoken, sudden destruction will come upon them. We must read the word, it alone will answer our questions. We have the unction from the Holy One and know all things. And no scripture is open to private interpretation.


The doctrines of men will not fill our empty cups. It may make the outside appear clean, but inside it will be filthy. We must wash ourselves with the word. It is imperative. Our pasts are not important. Where our hearts are now is what counts. Where are we with the Lord today. If we look back after putting our hand to the plow we are unfit for the kingdom of God. God indeed uses the foolish of the world to confound the wise. He really has a tremendous sense of humor.


Above all we must forgive all who we hold ought against. Even ourselves, so that our prayers and gifts to the alter will be received. If we want the Father to forgive us we must obey. Keeping our minds stayed upon the Lord. Not looking at the past and nor thinking of the future. It is time to stay rooted in the NOW being sensitive to the spirit minute by minute. Praising and worshipping Him even when we don’t think we can. It will make the break throughs that we all need and want.


I know that it works. I am living proof. My family is living proof. He is a God of restoration and reconciliation. I doesn’t matter how far that you have strayed. Just repent, and throw yourself into His arms. He will meet you were you are. I ran so far away from Him. I ran, not Him. He stayed by my side and allowed things to occur to send me back to Him. There were a lot of lying voices telling me I had really screwed up and there was no changing. I was hopeless and helpless, forsaken dirty and unforgivable. I bought that lie for awhile. The liars said that I would never get my family back and I had ruined it all. They were wrong.

I not only have my family, but I also have my health. Praise God that He is no respector of persons. What He has done for me He can do for you or anyone. It takes an act of submission. It takes laying down our life for His perfect will. We can not afford to keep even a little part of ourselves back. If we do it is selfishness.


In HIS Service,

Teresa M. Daly-Crews