As the vision began I was standing in an open field. The land was barren and bleak. Before me appeared silos. An innumerable amount of them were lined up right to left for as far as I could see. The silos were full to capacity, overflowing with ripened wheat seed. No one seemed interested in planting the seed. More and more seed kept coming into the storehouse. Nothing was being done to prepare crops for harvest. it had past the time for the planting. The amount that Ws spilling onto the ground was alarming. I could see that much of it had already begun to spoil, and was ridden with mold. It was apparent that the see had long past the planting time. A harvest would not occur without a supernatural occurrence.


Then suddenly the ground began to quake. What was barren fallow ground only moments before, became plowed, fertile soil ready for planting. Brightness was the only thing that could be seen. The silos exploded and the seed was strewn out. It flew as far as the horizon. it was amazing watching the seed fly through the air. It then, with no human help imbedded itself into the ground. Bright clouds came and began to rain a golden iridescent liquid upon the field. Then just as quickly as the seed was planted, it miraculously flew into a fully- harvestable crop.


Then with swiftness the harvest occurred. It was not done by the hand of man, but by the hand of God. No human being could take credit for the glorious manifestation of seed-time and harvest-time.




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