The Remnant


In this vision I was standing in a very large church. Beside me stood Jesus Christ, my Lord. At first everything looked like a typical church. We stood upon the alter to the side of the preacher. The minister was very personified, and held the congregation by every word that he spoke. By his appearance you could see that he was very prosperous. He had a smile on his face that seemed almost inappropriate, deceptive like. Something was very wrong with his countenance, it was bright on the outside, almost mesmerizing. But on the inside it was very dark.

I looked out towards the congregation. They were joyous and engulfed in his presence. It looked almost like a conference for sales products. Intended to pump up the people to make the leaders more money. It didn't seem to matter what the minister was saying, they would cheer in agreement. They were elated just to be in his presence. It seemed that everyone was under his spell.

Then the Lord told me to look closer. I turned back to view the minister and instead of the glittery preacher in the pulpit, there stood a man-like creature. It was more like a skeleton, but out of every orifice of his body streamed snakes. They were writhing in and out of him. One thing still remained that was recognizable, that smile.

I looked back towards the congregation expecting them to be a horrified as I was. They were not. Instead their cheering had intensified. They had become more engrossed in the smooth words that he spoke. He fed into frenzy, and it increased with power.

I looked around the church and saw that the snakes were not only in this man. They were all over the church. Even wrapping themselves around the cross that was behind the preacher in the pulpit. I then noticed the stench. It was an odor hat was putrid. I could barely breathe.

A fire came down from heaven. It first consumed the pulpit. I saw this professing man of God consumed by the fire. He melted under the heat. The snakes began to pour out of him looking for an escape. They could find none. The stench increased.

Then the fire came down as Glory upon the congregation. It fell like rain in unending streams, filled with a brightness that is indescribable. It was blinding to all that were present. In began to overflow the sanctuary. Snakes began to rush from every direction. Looking for an escape. There was none.

Then what happened next was the most wonderful thing that I witnessed. As the snakes were in a frantic confusion beneath the Glory cloud, a handful of people began to rise above the cloud. They were wearing white linen, singing praises of God. Tremendous joy filled them as they rejoiced. They knew that the victory had been won.

Then my Lord said unto me. This is my remnant.

In HIS Service,

Teresa M. Daly-Crews