Golden Lava

Vision of the Lord

As the vision began I saw a great mountain rise. Within the mountain was a substance much like lava, except it was not red. It had the appearance of the throne of God. Iridescent, opalescent, golden and glittery. Pressure had built up within the mountain, and it was unable to hold back the flow any longer.

It was at this point that the mountain exploded. The glittery golden iridescent substance was strewn high into the sky and encompassed the whole earth. The ash began to fall upon the earth as golden rain. As the golden lava began to flow, it started as a trickle, then continued to increase until it poured out of the mountain. There was not an inch that was not covered with it. It pumped out of the mountain with force and intensity and continued to be thrown into the air. The flow was beautiful and almost indescribable. As it continued down the mountain it changed everything in its path.

As I stood and watched this occur I spoke with the Lord. I asked him what the significance was of this vision. He told me that the flow of the Living Waters had been stopped up by many causes. The hurts, disobedience, religion, and hardened hearts of unbelief. The pressure that was within the mountain of the Lord had built up to a point that it could not longer be held back. It wouldn’t matter anymore who, or what tried to stop His will, they would be unable to do so.

The Iridescent golden glittery substance was His Glory, the Living water from deep within the throne of God. It would be unstoppable and would change everything in its path. It had the power of life and death and would bring forth a renewing of the Body of Christ. The healing that was necessary for the sanctification of the Bride. Some things would have to be destroyed to be recreated.

To receive this Living Water, we had to allow Him to dig deeper wells The shallow wells that many have now will be unable to hold the fullness of His Power. He also said that this next move would be nothing like we have ever experienced before. Our natural minds can not comprehend the significance of it. It would be the Power that will bring forth the Greater Works. He cautioned us not try to understand or control it with our natural minds. That we must have full trust and faith in Him, fearing nothing.

There will not be a nation or church that will not be effected by the flow of His Power. We must submit ourselves fully to the hand of God. Allowing Him to remove all forms of flesh. The greatest obstacles to our Bodies freedom have been the judgment , offense, and religious spirits present with our body. We must forgive one another and lay down our lives for the brethren. Regardless of how we have been hurt. He is requiring that we stand in the gap for the very ones that persecuted each one of us. And that we forgive, allowing Him to remove all offense.

To be sensitive to the flow to His Power and Anointing, we must leave the past behind and take NO thought for the morrow. Those individuals who have conquered their minds, and that are sensitive to the NOW will feel the changes in the flow. The time of sanctification is upon us.