Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do ...

The Father is calling forth a time of intercession. Specifically in this hour we must lay between the porch and alter, standing in the gap for our brothers and sisters who have been ensnared by one of the most horrible bondages, religion. 

There is not one person in the Kingdom of God who has not been affected by this spirit. We have all battled mindsets and perceptions, which were not the doctrine of God. It matters not the background of denomination is, this tormenting spirit holds no boundaries. It is a spirit that is sent to destroy both the person bound AND the people affected by that person. It is vitally important that we DO NOT fall into the trap set to devour the Brethren. We cannot afford to point fingers at those bound by religion, nor use a false sense of discernment to cast judgment upon them. We must not use the Word of God as a personal weapon against these individuals, as this will bring a backlash of the same bondage upon us. When we operate in the spirit of debate we become equally guilty. 

The Fathers heart is grieved over the bondage of His people. He desires for freedom to be attained by those ensnared. This is the beginning of the REVOLUTION against ALL tormenting spirits that are binding the Body. It is time for us to be empowered and move forward in the FULL commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Holy Spirit is specifically targeting "religion" in this season. He does not want us to destroy the person bound by such torment, but he wants us to lay down our lives and intercede for those who despitefully use us. Bless those who have spoken curses and hateful words against us and show the Love that Jesus demonstrated when He hung on the cross. We must follow the example set out by our Lord and Savior when He lifted His voice to heaven and uttered, " Father, forgive them they know not what they do."

To help a person ensnared with a religious spirit become free it is imperative that we have an understanding of the working of the spirit. First, the person bound HAS NO IDEA that they have become ensnared. Many of Gods chosen have slowly become swallowed up by what they believe to be truth. These individuals in most cases truly love the Lord with their whole heart. They believe they are correct and stand in defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most know the Word of God intensely well and spend much time devoted to fasting and in prayer. If you approach a person with such a spirit they will become defensive and strike out becoming offended. They also have a tendency to offend WITH the Word. 

Because of the nature of this spirit it encapsulates the unknowing victim. It causes the person to become offended over and over again, making it even more difficult to overcome without intervention from the Spirit of God. They eventually either shut their selves off under the guise of "just me and you God saying they just don't understand and appreciate my calling and gifts" or they float from church to church wounding and controlling. Their hearts become hardened and they are unable to grow deep roots and bear abundant fruit. We MUST remember, these individuals DO NOT KNOW they are bound. You can cause deep spiritual wounds by casting stones or speaking judgment against them. We must follow the example given by Jesus to bring them into freedom. 

When Jesus walked the earth He was repeatedly accosted and condemned by the scribes, Pharisees, and the hypocrites. They plotted against Him in many ways, even having discussions among themselves ways to ensare Him in His own words. They used the Word of God for their own convenience, in many cases making disciples even more wicked and evil than themselves. They spoke all manner of evil against Jesus and desired the power and anointing He possessed. The jealousy and envy they manifested because of the great following He had was intense. It was for this very reason that Jesus Himself spoke a curse upon them. It was not a curse of damnation, but of blindness. The same curse exists upon those who are caught in the spirit of religion. They are the blind leading the blind and will continue to do so until intercession takes place. 

It is the Lords will for none of His to perish. Many people use the godly anger manifested by Jesus as an excuse to condemn those who are "religious". They do not realize by doing so the same spirit has ensnared them. It is a spiritual cancer that has permeated the Body of Christ. Offense breeds offense, breed's offense and so on. It causes a viscous cycle of hurting and being hurt. So often words of judgment are uttered (either openly or secret) which in turn binds both persons even tighter. We must recognize this cycle and allow the Spirit of the Lord to bring freedom to us all. They individuals that have been caught by this trap are unable to be freed on their own. Many are on the verge of spiritual death and need our help to overcome. They are deeply wounded soldiers and in many cases have been faithful to the cause of Jesus Christ they best they could. 

The only way we can help our brethren become free is to intercede to the Father, asking Him to remove the curse of blindness spoken by Jesus. Then we are to show the Love of Jesus even when they reject us. It will be the unfeigned love of the brethren that will break the back of this spirit. As we come into unity and stand together without breaking ranks many will become free. We cannot take the persecution and rejection as personal, it is NOT about us but it is about the Lord. We must stand fast in the strength and power of the Lord and use the greatest weapon given to us as Believers, Love.

Teresa Daly-Crews
21 June 2000


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