The Spirit of the Lord always gives unto the people of God knowledge in regard to the enemy’s strategy. This empowers believers with the weapons necessary to be victorious against all attacks. This knowledge renders the enemy powerless and promotes faith that the perfect will of God will prevail. One of the biggest attacks against the Body of Christ lately is coming in the way of fear. The enemy has targeted individuals rendering them hopeless and fearful of what is to come. Attacks including thoughts of what “could happen” tomorrow and fears of possible outcomes have flooded into the minds of individuals. This has made it difficult and even impossible for some to maintain the peace and comfort promised unto believers, even during a storm. Since the attack has occurred subtly, most individuals cannot put their finger upon what is wrong, they just know they feel confused and forsaken. It has made it hard to stand upon the precious promises of God and given unrest to their hearts and minds. 

The first step to regain victory is to acknowledge the attack and speak forth the promises given to us in the Word of power and authority over the enemy. For some just the revelation that the attack has taken a foothold and the proclamation of the promise will bring freedom. Others will need like-minded precious believers to stand with them overcoming the spiritual attack until they can stand firmly. The next step is to lay a foundational stone for victory given in the Word. This stone is the strength given by taking no thought for tomorrow. 

In our society it is normal to pre-plan everything concerning our tomorrows. From the birth of children to the plans to lay our fleshly bodies to rest, nothing is left undone. If an agenda has not been set or if our future has not been planned out in detail the world labels one as lazy or undisciplined. Many of our walks are dictated by the words placed in a day-timer, some feel they have failed if they are unable to do everything as written on the little pages of a book. Some are so driven by their plans laid for tomorrow that the Spirit of God is unable to order their steps as He desires. Then they wonder why they feel stretched beyond measure or lack peace to endure and overcome the events of each day. Fear of what is to come becomes forefront in their mind and they find themselves pondering thoughts of tomorrow. Events of possible outcomes play over and over in their mind and fear of what may happen grows with each passing minute. Just as if they were watching a movie, they play out every scene and even come to the conclusion in some cases that they have already failed. Anxiety manifests as the thoughts of tomorrow grow and it makes it impossible to hear what the Spirit has to say concerning the present. The battle is lost in their mind even before the day has even come. They feel hopeless and helpless with no strength to overcome. 

This form of attack is a common and daily occurrence in the lives of both believers and unbelievers. For unbelievers there is no possible way of escape from this vicious cycle until they come into the Kingdom of God but for those who know and love the Lord there is victory available now. The Spirit of God knows all things and has a perfect path laid out and planned for each believer. The Word of God holds the keys to victory and the Lord desires that everyone submit to His perfect plan, walking is His peace and power. Often our ability to surrender unto His perfect will becomes clouded because of our own thoughts and perceptions of what we feel could and should happen. This life of confusion is not the will of God. 

To become victorious we need to understand that as we surrender our tomorrows into His care they are taken care of with such perfection that nothing is left undone. Peace and stability then becomes normal in our walk and fear cannot take a foothold in our mind any longer. We will grow from strength to strength, shining forth the manifested glory of our Savior that others can see,  thereby giving them hope to endure their own trials and tests. As we submit our tomorrows to Him we then proceed forth knowing every step we take is dictated by His command. Knowing this we can then stand firm in the knowledge that even when we are traveling upon a stormy sea our rest remains in Him, knowing that our Lord is in control of all things.  This peace then builds hope and faith in His ability to carry us through every attack bringing victory in our life. 

The walk of faith at first can at first be a bit uncomfortable, as it is fleshly nature to want to control things. To “free fall” into the care of the Lord takes time to establish, gaining confidence in His promises. The enemy tries to make us feel that we have failed if we are unable to give up our tomorrows immediately. This is a lie to put our focus upon self and ensnare us once again in our minds. As we are trusting and growing in Christ we will find that our walk with the Lord is a progression of events as we grow in faith. This is why we must use the Word to speak forth those things that are not as though they are, using the weapons given to us in our handbook. One of the most powerful of these weapons given to us to maintain peace in our mind is to keep our mind stayed upon the Lord, casting down all vain imaginations. This includes the thoughts that lay our minds captive concerning our tomorrows. You will find that as you lay hold of this key you will be able to maintain peace and gain victory over previously failed attempts. 

One of the statements spoken to me by Father that has given me strength and enabled me to gain some victory is: 

"Do the "today" things as I purpose in your spirit and ALL your tomorrows will be taken care of beyond any of your own expectations! " 

Quite simply put is as we do today’s work in obedience to the Spirit, He will direct us to do things that will impact our tomorrows. This removes our hidden motives, fears and the influence from our fleshly desires in our tomorrows. No longer can the enemy steal the time that should to be devoted to the Lord. It also makes it virtually impossible for the enemy to place fear within our heart and mind. As we grasp hold of the revelation to give our tomorrows to the Lord, victory manifests in all areas of our life. No longer are we in control of our own destiny, our future rests in the hands of our Lord.  His perfect will occurs and even in the most difficult moments we have hope and peace.

If we allow our obedience to the Spirit of God to be directed by our own thoughts and desires we will miss out on the magnificent future Father has for us. He tells us in the Word how our minds and hearts cannot even conceive what He has planned for our lives. Any plans laid by our own fleshly thoughts will pale in comparison to Fathers plan. The enemy will also use the time that we "ponder and think" about our tomorrows to bring fear upon us, this fear in turn will diminish our ability to fulfill the perfect will and plan of the Lord. As we learn to stay in the "NOW" and take steps by the Spirit of the Lord we will be in perfect tune with Fathers plan for our life. This victory key is also one of the foundational stones that will help to remove "self" from the equation. If we use our human mind to plan and ponder upon our tomorrows we will hinder the Lord and HIS perfect desires for us.

If you have found that the enemy has attacked you by stealing your tomorrows don’t fret! The Lord is ready to put your life back in HIS order and remove your fears of tomorrow. As you gain victory in your mind the enemy will no longer be able to use your yesterdays or tomorrows against you any longer. He cannot even place condemnation or shame upon you as there is not one person on the face of this earth that has not fallen to this attack from the master of deception.  We are promised victory over all spiritual assaults made by the enemy and it is the time to stand in the “NOW” of our Lords plan.

You will be amazed with the manifestation of His perfection in your life as you obey the Holy Spirits direction and do things in the “NOW” according to His desire. No longer will fear gain a foothold and you will have victory manifested in all things! Even in the most difficult times you will carry the mantle of peace that is reserved for the people of God. It is a promise that all your tomorrows will be taken care of beyond what you can even comprehend for His Glory. This is our Fathers will to give us a perfect future!!

July 19 2001

In HIS Service,
Teresa M. Daly-Crews