The Lord gave a vision that warned of the deception that will come upon the church concerning the false signs, wonders and miracles. It was vivid and precise in detail and it is now time to share it with the Body of Christ. In the Word we are warned repeatedly of the impending blindness. It is time for us to search our spirits and check our hearts. Are we approaching the Throne of Grace with a willing open heart or are there selfish, fleshly motives behind it. We must be transparent and open for the next level of purification that is come upon the Bride. The Father desires us to come closer unto him so He may prepare us for His Son Jesus. We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves to discern the truth from false. The spirit of error has been unleashed and to see where it lies in wait to devour we must possess the Spirit of Truth.  

When the vision began I look into the distance and saw what at first I perceived to be the Throne of God. There were multitudes of people assembled before it in praise and worship. At first is appeared to be an average form of worship. Much like you would find upon entering many churches. The Spirit of the Lord told me to look closer. The throne was glittery and ornate with the appearance much like the Throne of God. But as I continued to gaze at what one would think would be the Father, the countenance of the being seated at the throne changed. It took on a prideful grin and was very pleased to receive the praises of the people assembled before it. I immediately knew he was the deceiver, Lucifer himself. He had exalted himself to sit upon a false throne of God and was receiving praise and worship meant for our King.  

I looked back over the multitude of people and did not see any order. It appeared that “anything went” here, more like a “flesh out” similar to what you would see in secular music. Instead of being swept away by the River of God an unholy anointing manifested. This was not the River of Life but a river of death and deception. What was missing in these people was the spirit of repentance. Instead of looking within their hearts to see what displeased the Lord they were caught up in “emotion” of the music. As if they were mesmerized by the beat.  I looked around at these people and realized they thought they were in the presence of the Lord and continued to lay themselves down before the alter. The more they worshiped the more ensnared they became in a spirit that called itself false religion. It manifested as bundles of snakes and ensnared each unknowing participant.  

Next the Spirit of the Lord bid me to follow Him. We walked behind what I then knew to be the “false” throne and looked. I could see the outer gates to the kingdom of God. As we entered through the gates I could see there were some people assembled and they were entering into the outer courts of the Lord. Each person was singing the praises of the Lord preparing their selves for entrance. There was a jubilant feel in the air, a feeling of expectation. The focus was not on how it felt to “self” but on how to die to self. There was singing and dancing but very unlike the throne we had just visited. The people around were making themselves ready with preparations of Holiness.  

We moved forward into the inner courts and found still more saints singing praises unto the Lord. It was here I saw many washing their robes in the bowls set for cleaning. Some had filthy garments when they put them in the bowl. As they lifted the robes out you could see that they shone with beauty. Each person then placed upon themselves these cleansed robes and proceeded to sing and dance. They each entered into the holy of holies with a purity that only comes by surrender to the Spirit and the Blood of Jesus.  

Before them shone the Throne of God. The beauty was beyond words as the Glory of the Lord was made manifest. The brilliance was beyond the sun and the iridescence of everything around glittered like a million tiny stars. Upon the throne was the Father Himself clothed in His Glory. At His right hand sat His Son Jesus. As each person boldly approached them you could see the delight in the Lords eyes. They had arrived and come through much deception to make it to Him. The only way they were not overtaken beyond the outer gates at the false throne is because their hearts were pure as they approached the throne. If they had any fleshly motives involved instead of desiring the fullness of the Lord they would have been drawn into the “unholy throne”. Because their desire was after holiness and for the Lords will in their lives the Blood of Jesus had covered where they had not overcome yet. If they had insincere motives in their hearts the Blood would not have covered it.  

The Father called forth each of the saints to His side and gave unto them the power and authority over all the things they had overcome. He gave them His eyes to see and His ears to hear what the Spirit had to say to them. Then He placed within each of them the heart and mind of Christ and told them to return into the darkness. As they departed from the gates to the Kingdom each of them had a scepter in their right hand with the authority given to overcome the enemy.  They were given an assignment to allow the Lords light to shine through them so the Father could bid more to the wedding. Out of the scepter shone a light that rivaled the throne of God and it dispelled all darkness as they went forth. At this point the Father sat back and said, “ These are my “Sons” made to be manifest before all the earth.”  

Teresa Daly-Crews
May 2000