MAKE a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.
 SERVE the Lord with gladness: COME before his presence with singing.
 KNOW ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
ENTER into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with PRAISE: be THANKFUL unto him, and bless his name.
 For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.
Psalm 100:1-5

As I waited upon the Lord tonight I began to hear that still small voice whisper within my heart. The Spirit of the Lord said, "Sound the trumpet and Enter into His courts with praise. Time is short and preparation is almost complete". 

There has been an increased stirring in the spirit calling forth for a renewed sense of restoration and reconciliation. Deep is calling unto deep as the Lord prepares His mighty army for battle. The lines have been drawn, the troops assembled and the Captain of the Host stands ready.

To fully equip us for the coming battles, we are being called to draw closer in unto the Lord and worship Him in the beauty of holiness. It is through this unbridled form of worship that we are able to unleash  dunamus Power, the power directly connected to Fathers throne. It is this  power that will  bring forth the "greater works" promised us by our Lord Jesus as He ascended to heaven. We must stand in obedience to every word yielding ourselves to His command for us to be covered by the protection of HIS presence in the coming days.

 Worship is our ultimate war-ship of defense from the attacks of the enemy. It is the conduit directly connected to the Holy of Holies in which satan cannot enter. It is reserved for only those who are covered by the Blood of Jesus and have forgiven all. It is a place where we can only enter in  through the Spirit and operate by the Spirit. A place of peace and comfort where we leave behind the hindrances of the flesh and draw in unto the Lord to worship Him in His fullness.

In Psalm 100 we are given definite steps of how to draw closer to Him. First we are to MAKE a joyful noise. Joyful by interpretation means to shout (usually for joy): --aloud for joy, cry out, be joyful (greatly, make to) rejoice, (cause to) shout (for joy), (cause to) sing (aloud, for joy, out), triumph.

To show and manifest outwardly our pleasure in the Lord. This is a necessary and powerful step of entering into the presence of God and receiving the victory of the Lord. Even when situations seem difficult and overpower us, if we ask the Lord to place upon us the garment of praise, the spirit of heaviness will depart. The enemy knows if he can oppress us with heaviness we will be unable to enter in fully and become empowered by the Lord. Our natural minds and emotions must be subdued so that we can worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Our faith must not be in what we see with the carnal eye, but in what is unseen and known of the Father.

In the next step we are told to SERVE Him with gladness. We are so used to controlling or own lives. Letting go to serve God can at first be a very uncomfortable feeling. Our natural fleshly minds find it very difficult to let go and trust the Lord to direct our steps. We are raised to set goals and dwell upon our future. This is contrary to the word of God we are told to take no thought for tomorrow. God will direct our steps daily, which in turn will affect our tomorrows. This brings with it freedom. Our lives must be dedicated not to our personal desires but to the perfect and complete will of the Lord. We were created to do the Lords will and if we allow the Spirit to control our steps they will be ordered of the Lord. There are two commandments which when we live them fulfill the law of God. They are to Love the Lord with everything we are, serving Him without hypocrisy in full surrender and obedience. The other is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. When we do these two things everything else falls into line. We inherit the joy of the Lord and desire to serve him with gladness.

As we serve the Lord we will DESIRE TO COME closer to Him and to KNOW more about Him. Everything we endure in our life is meant to draw us closer to Him and we want to enter into His presence. He puts a song in our heart and even in the most difficult situations we find strength. Our spirit begins to sing unto Him and the doors of heaven swing open. We then proceed into His presence finding fullness of joy. That joy in return gives us strength to endure life as we become purified for His glory. The Spirit puts a new song in our heart and we sing unto the King, bringing ourselves as a living sacrifice before His throne.

Next we must learn to KNOW God and understand we are nothing apart from Him. He alone is the beginning and the end and without Him life would not be. There must be a respect and holy fear of the awesomeness of God. Knowing that each breath is a gift from Him so He may shine the Light of Life to the world. To "know" Him is to learn of who He is and what He stands for with intimacy. He is our King, our Shepherd, our Master and our Lord. We did not create ourselves nor did he create us for our own personal motives. We are His sheep and therefore should be totally reliant on His protection and guidance in our lives. To know of the goodness of the Lord we must seek His face. Coming into His presence daily, receiving direction for our lives. The only way we can intimately know the Lord is to learn of Him in the Word and seek His will. The more we draw in unto Him the closer he comes and an intimate relationship develops.

As we begin to have an understanding of the fear of the Lord we desire to draw closer unto Him. ENTERING his gates with thanksgiving we bless Him for who we are and what He has done. This is not done in a ritual fashion but with a deep understanding of what He has done for us. We proclaim the victories in our lives by the hand of the Lord and thank Him for them. Knowing the victories in our life would not be there without His intervention. Thanksgiving begins with vocal confession and is followed by the lifting up of holy hands and singing unto the Most High God. The Hebrew word for thanksgiving is Towdah which means and extension of the hand, adoration confession praise, and thanks as an offering. The Lord loves to bless His children but desires for us to recognize and thank Him for His goodness given unto us.

We proceed into the courts with PRAISE. The root of praise in this case is the same as thanksgiving but with more intensity. It is a continuation of the acknowledgement of the works of God in our lives, singing forth to all creation the greatness of His power, wisdom and Love. When we enter the courts singing the praises of the Lord it pleases the Lord and gives glory to Him. It shows God we appreciate and love Him for all He has done for us. He desires us to praise Him in the Beauty of His Holiness with every part of our being. Lifting up holy hands and singing forth the High praises in the Spirit. If we will let go of who we are at this point we can enter into halal worship and praise of the Lord. With this form of praise we let go with a reckless abandonment of everything we are. The original Hebrew root to this word means to make a show, to boast and thus be clamourously (CLAMOROUS, a. Speaking and repeating loud words; noisy; vociferous; loud; turbulent. foolish and rave.) Celebrating the Glory of the Lord with all His splendor.

Halal praise is also very symbolic. It is a facet of the praise we will give at the marriage supper. Halal praise is the form of praise used in the giving of in marriage. As the bride of Christ we are to surrender ourselves and allow the anointing of God to purify us through unfeigned praise and worship of our Lord. By letting go of everything in the temporal realm we enter into the holiest of places. This is where we worship the Lord with everything we are made of. As in psalm 149 we break forth with singing and in dance. Just as David danced before the Lord we are called to surrender in the same fashion. Tremendous spiritual warfare is waged through such surrender to the Lord. This is where He can only be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth. Our natural mind cannot comprehend what occurs during such deep worship of the Lord but our spiritual man is strengthened and restored in the process. This is where we go beyond ourselves and into the presence of the Father.

Praise is a powerful tool and carries with it the ability to destroy yokes of bondage that cannot be overcome in any other way. When the saints of heaven sing praises to God all the enemy can do is stand back and watch. When we have truly entered into the courts with praise there is a conduit to the throne of God that is impermeable. Satan knows this and continually tries to keep us focused upon negative thoughts and fleshly feelings so we may not enter in to receive this power. This is where we must push beyond what we feel or perceive in the natural. Pressing in by faith to the throne of God.

The enemy will use anything he can to keep us from becoming free to worship the Almighty God. Doubt and unbelief appear and hold us back from proclaiming thanksgiving for what the Lord promises He will do in our lives. Shame, condemnation, and the torment of sin can overcome us as we try to enter in unless there is an understanding of the Grace of God. Fear of rejection, hopelessness and embarrassment can manifest making it difficult to worship Him in the Spirit. It is important to remember we hold the keys and possess the power and authority to thwart all attacks. He who is within us is greater than any deception the enemy can create. Using the power of God we will overcome satan in every way.

All these attacks can be overcome by surrendering to the Lord and putting our full trust in His promises. There is freedom available but satan wants to keep us bound so we can not receive the fullness of the Lord. Sometimes we have opened sin doorways in our lives and we need other precious believers to help free us. The torment that accompanies spiritual bondage can be overwhelming and confusing to the believer bound by such forces. We must be available and sensitive to help those who may need assistance in overcoming so they may also enter in.

Deliverance is available for all who seek freedom from the Lord but the enemy wants to keep us in the bondage of our minds. Thereby making it difficult to enter into the rest of the Lord. We need not feel condemnation for inability to enter in fully. Many different attacks and situation can hinder us until the Lord breaks through with freedom. Even with the most perfect and willing heart our flesh besets us in our attempts to enter into the presence of the Lord. Our trust must remain in the Lords promise to finish the good work He has begun in us. Surrender and growing in the knowledge and wisdom of God is the key to victory. In Gods perfect time the hand of the Lord will perfect us all so we may worship in unity for His glory.

As we realize our acceptance from the Lord is not based upon works but by surrender it becomes easier to draw in unto Him. For most, surrendering fully is the hardest step. It requires letting go of who and what we are, allowing the Lord to mold us into His perfect will. Not caring anymore what anyone else thinks as we obey the commandments of the Lord. It is amazing how the more we draw unto the Lord the easier it becomes. And the more time we spend with Him the more we desire to be with Him. There are so many times where we have perverted the simplicity of Christ, this is one such time. Surrendering to the promise of the Lord is the only way the Holy Spirit can grow us beyond the temporal.

When it is our desire to obey, the throne room of God can be a glorious place to enter. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable as we enter in because inside the inner courts a light shines upon our most inward parts and the Spirit highlights areas we need to change. If there is hidden sin or chosen disobediance, this can be a painful place. Since our hearts are made manifest before the Lord nothing can remain in darkness. No one is exempt from this time of purging and purification. As the Spirit of the Lord brings conviction it is essential we deal with whatever sin the Lord is highlighting.

The forgiveness of others is one of the most important keys to opening the throne of God and entering in with peace. We cannot hold our brother in unforgiveness or hatred and enter into the presence of God. For our sins to be forgiven we must first forgive. When we come before the throne with a transparent spirit in full surrender the Lord draws us unto His side and a relationship develops. This is the relationship that our inner spirit yearns for. It brings with it a peace that surpasses understanding and human reason.

The peace that comes when we release our burdens to the throne and rest in the promises of the Lord is indescribable. Father God wants us to be able to come to Him so we may be reconciled to a relationship with Him. He desires a perfected Bride for His son Jesus and a Holy priesthood who will worship Him for all time. We were created as spiritual beings to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We approach the Father through His precious Son. Since Jesus is Truth the deeper our relationship with Jesus, the closer we come to the Father. And by the Spirit of God our spirit becomes one. When we know Jesus, we also know the Father thus fulfilling the Word. Bringing us into reconciliation to the Father eternally bonded in Love.

For the Lord is good: His mercy is everlasting and His truth endureth to all generations.

In HIS Service,

Teresa Daly-Crews



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