If you need rest our Savior beckons you to come and lay your weary
head upon HIS breast. His meadow is lovely and Jesus walks about
bringing refreshment there. It is a place of healing and holiness.
You can hear the brook as it sends forth the living water. As you
enter through the golden gates you walk along a translucent gold
path. The mountains of the Lord are in the distance and you can smell
the breath of God every time you inhale. The grass is so soft that it
calls to you to tread upon it and the flowers never loose their shape
and form. They continually grow and send forth the most fragrant
aromas you can imagine. The purity of the garden can be compared to
no other place and when you go there you will never forget. Each
broken part of your spirit is stroked by His loving hand and He
restores your soul with each touch. The light of GLORY that shines
around is like the angelic host of heaven surrounding you with the
fragrance of love. It is a place of rest and comfort. A place of
beauty and rejuvenation. A place that has been long forgotten yet
Father is calling unto those who have an ear to come and rest, for
the journey ahead is long and hard. If you have not been restored to
power as of yet, run to HIS resting place and allow HIM to wrap HIS
s around you. The power will be quickly restored and you
will stand upright, ready to do battle in your appointed season. Come
to the garden of love, reach to the mountain of peace. The invitation
is open for those who will hear, come to the garden of LOVE.
In HIS Service,
Teresa Daly-Crews
28 January 2001