He came to set the captives free

This is a self portrait of the despair I felt as a prodigal child. It was created in 1994 when I was in tremendous bondage. There were no words to describe the torment, pain, and agony I was feeling so I drew my feelings.  Notice the black void behind me that made me feel as if I was being consumed by the darkness. Within the blackness were spirits that would not be silent. They stood ready to torment and remind  me of my hopelessness. Speaking lies with subtle voices convincing me that I would be better off dead. They told me to repent and kill myself as God wanted me home. After all there was no one on earth that could heal me or set me free. They professed to be God and appeared as angels of light. My heart had been cut out by the hand of satan and he was attempting to steal it away.  I was broken beyond the ability to be repaired by man. My body, mind and spirit were but fragments of a person. The chains that bound my hands and feet would not allow me to be free to run to the Light. I was naked and uncovered, lost without the protection of my armor. My hands held my head in bewilderment and confusion and my mind was filled with sorrow.  In my mind echoed the words of man, "This kind of bondage is not possible for a Christian. After all Christians can't have demons."  Then why was I not free, I had been a Spirit filled lover of Jesus since I had been 5 years old??? 

By the loving hand of the Lord, deliverance was ministered to me beginning in January of 1996. Using the anointing given to believers by Jesus, I was set gloriously free! To the astonishment of man my life was renewed and I ran back to my Father never to stray again. I share this picture knowing that there are many more Christians that are bound by the same torments and more. I pray that by showing the depths of despair  that I suffered more can become free. I understand how it feels to not feel the loving hand of our Father and the pain of persecution. I also know how it feels to be welcomed back by the Lord in full forgiveness. Father indeed wants us all to be free, so we may worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth!

Yes, a Christian can be bound by demonic forces. Praise God we have been given the ability to set the captives free!

A Prodigal Child Returned to Father!