During a time of prayer and intercession I received a vision from the Spirit of the Lord. Along with the vision came the word of the Lord that I must share. There have been many believers worldwide that have been enduring great hardship, suffering, and persecutions. Many have been taken to the point of death. This death may have been physical or perhaps the death of a personal dream or revelation. There has been great pressure applied to the Remnant Body making many feel they could endure no more. This pressure has been allowed by the hand of Father in order to perfect the spirit man of those who have been willing to let go of everything and to obey at all costs. These are individuals that Father calls His Jewels. He has developed them for HIS glory and are necessary for a unique purpose within the body of Christ. These are individuals who have overcome great adversity and hardship and have learned to rely solely upon the Promises of the Lord. They have learned to look beyond the temporal and see into and out of the eyes of the Lord. They have focused upon Him regardless of the raging sea and have even walked upon water.


There are many Jewels being prepared by the Father, but the first to be released will be the Diamonds. Each Jewel has unique properties and will be used by Father to prepare the Bride so that she may be adorned in the beauty of HIS holiness. It is not the person to be looked upon but these persons are gifts to the Body.They are strictly tools that will be utilized to flow HIS golden oil to the nations. It is important that we do not set on high those whom the anointing flows through, but instead just open our cups and receive the purifying liquid of life that will flow.


In the vision I saw a wave of Diamonds, multitudes of them flowing together. It was a sight to behold the rolling like the wave of the sea. I then began to understand what they were and the application that Father has them prepared for.Diamonds are unique in their purpose and powerful in function. The wave mounted high like a tsunami rolling upon the world and will be unstoppable. We know Diamonds are known for their resilience and ability to cut through even the most difficult substances without breaking. It is also used to polish many things. Diamonds are even used in medicine to cut with precision to help the healing. The most powerful force of these diamonds will be their ability to shine the GLORY and LOVE of the Lord and manifest it in all directions. This is the Light that will cut through ALL darkness. There will be no longer hidden areas of darkness. The GLORY will shine through these Diamonds with a piercing and sharp intensity, changing everything it shines upon. The clarity and cut of the stone has been perfected by the Masters hand and cannot be deigned. These Diamonds have overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and have loved not their lives unto death. Embrace these ambassadors of the Lord and receive of the unending love they carry, for the banner of them is LOVE!


In HIS Service,

Teresa Daly-Crews




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